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Jag E-Type Restorations has been in business for over 30 years. Glenn Olsen owns and operates Jag E-Type Restorations in Somerton and in that time has restored many cars for clients from Australia, Europe and the USA. Along with restoring E-Types they manufacture a huge variety of parts for their own use and export to suppliers around the world. They also offer E-Type servicing to complete engines, gearboxes and rear end rebuilds, etc. A 'one stop E-Type shop'.

Glenn's love of E-Types started way back in the 1960's when his father purchased and E-Type. Glenn's first restoration project came along when he was working as a mechanical engineering apprentice. His employer owned an E-Type Fixed Head Coupe (FHC) and crashed it quite heavily, destroying the front of his car. Glenn was lucky to purchase the car as an insurance write off and found another wreck for parts in the 70's when E-Types were cheap! Glenn then set to work getting the car back on the road while studying panel beating at night school. Glenn's personal preference of E-Types is the Coupe and he has had five!
In 1986 Glenn built his first complete new steel body for a Queensland client. As proof of their quality work, an American client recently had his E-Type returned fully restored after exporting his wreck to Melbourne. A 3.8 Roadster has also been fully restored to a world class concour standard and returned to Greece.

Glenn's son, Andrew, joined the business in January and is on a steep learning curve about the finer points of operation, and along with restoration and repair work, Andrew instigated the 'one stop E-Type shop' from a basic oil change to whatever is required to maintain an E-Type in top condition.

One of Jag E-Type Restorations current projects is a light weight E-Type. This car is a replica of only 12 full aluminium bodied E-Types that were produced by Jaguar in the early 1960's for racing. The replica light weight E-Type is being fully manufactured by hand in house.
Glenn and his team have developed an air-conditioning system to suit the E-Type which does not take away from the beauty of this car, along with offering a wide variety of upgrades such as brakes, gearboxes, etc. Currently in the developmental stage is a power steering rack for the S1 and S2 E-Types.

As Jag E-Type Restorations is a fully family owned and operated company, we should all look forward to Glenn Olsen's impeccable standards and knowledge of the E-Type Jaguar being upheld for years to come.


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